Bridle-Buddy is a live bait system that will completely transform your success on the water. It allows you to greatly increase the longevity, action, and appeal of your live bait. The result of which will include greater hookups and success on the water.

If your a light tackle fisherman slow trolling goggle-eyes for sailfish on the edge or using your 80’s or 130’s pulling big bonito offshore, this quick and easy rigging method will quickley and securely attach your bait to your leader.

How does it work?
First you rig the dart to your hook with waxed thread or dental floss. Place the dart into the Bridle-Buddy Tool and carefully insert the dart through the top of the fish’s nose and into it’s mouth. Tighten the thread and the dart will pivot 90 degrees and lock into place on the roof of the bait’s mouth. With a little practice you can quickly take the bait out of your baitwell, rig the bait securely to your line and drop it back into your spread, saving the fish from extensive handling and piercings that occur when using more traditional bridling techniques.

Bait-Buddy Bait Rigging Kits come with an insertion tool and 10 plastic darts. Both Plastic and Stainless-Steel replacement darts are available.