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Diamond Fishing Products is dedicated to providing Fishermen and Women with the highest quality materials engineered to exceed the demands of fishing. We understand that each fish is a “once in a lifetime” event and requires equipment every angler can trust.

Diamond monofilaments including Momoi Diamond, Momoi Hi-Catch and Illusion have earned the reputation of “The finest Monofilament fishing line in the World”. Our “reputation is on the line” because our standards are based on experience, performance and proven results.

Diamond Braid is manufactured in the U.S.A using the finest Spectra® fibers and state of the art braiding techniques and has become the choice of the world’s top anglers.

Diamond Fishing Products” represents the finest monofilaments, braided lines and terminal equipment available. Momoi’s Hi-Catch, Momoi’s Diamond, Momoi’s X-Tra Hard and Momoi’s Fluorocarbons along with our Diamond Illusion mono and Presentation Fluorocarbon boast strength and quality unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Our reputation for being “The finest Monofilament in the World” will continue through continuing advancements in extrusion technology and engineered tackle. It is the purpose of this site to support these items, provide a tool for our dealers and most importantly, serve as a resource for anglers around the world who are in pursuit of that special fish.

Here at Diamond Fishing Products, we are committed to optimizing your fishing experience. That's why we offer a bundle of resources to help you develop your skills. Wether you're a novice or an experienced angler, we've got videos, articles and even knot-tying illustrations to help you get the most out of your trip and the best performance from your monofilament or braided fishing lines.

Check out our blog, news, articles and stories about Diamond Fishing, Momoi Hi-Catch and Hi-Liner Fishing Gear & Tackle. Would you like to find out how we make the best monofilament line in the world? You're only a few clicks away! Feel free to leave us feedback and/or questions. We love to hear from the fishing community!

Diamond Fishing Products are available throughout the US and internationally from our world-renowned distributors! Use our store locator to quickly locate a Diamond Fishing dealer near you. You can conveniently search by zip code. We will provide you our distributor's address, contact information as well their website (when available).