Momoi’s X-Hard Nylon Monofilament Line is the ultimate leader material when extremely high tensile strength and abrasion resistance are required. This monofilament is produced with a special super hard outer coating to resist abrasion and for those applications where a stiffer leader is required.
100 yard coils come packaged in a re-usable Lure Bag.
Available in: Clear White only.

 Momoi Xtra-Hard Leader Size Chart

Lb Test Diameter 100yd Coil 1000mtr Coil Color
150 1.28mm / 0.050in X X Clear White
220 1.45mm / 0.057in X X Clear White
300 1.80mm / 0.0709in X X Clear White
400 2.05mm / 0.0807in X X Clear White
530 2.33mm / 0.0917in X X Clear White
600 2.86mm / 0.1126in X 500mtrs Clear White