Diamond Fishing Products extends the Diamond Fishing Line Family
with the introduction of Illusion Co-Polymer Line.

Illusion builds on the Diamond reputation of unmatched strength, superior abrasion resistance, low memory and the proven reliability of all Diamond monofilaments. Diamond Fishing Products Illusion is an advanced multi-polymer fishing line designed to meet the specific demands and stresses of light tackle fishing. Illusion is the latest step in the evolution of monofilament fishing line, manufactured by an exclusive extrusion technology combining unique resins with advanced polymers to engineer a monofilament of unmatched strength, sensitivity, abrasion resistance and suppleness.

Illusion is stronger when compared by diameter, has 20x greater abrasion resistance and significantly less stretch than regular nylon monofilament lines . Illusion boasts wet knot strengths of up to 95-100% of stated line test with lower water absorption. Because of its ultra smooth finish, Illusion casts farther than any other monofilament – PERIOD!

Advantages of ILLUSION®:

  • Ultra-Smooth Finish
  • Greater Sensitivity
  • 20X More Abrasion Resistance
  • Superior Knot Strength
  • Longer Distance Casting
  • Less Stretch

Diamond ILLUSION® Co-Polymer Mono Size Chart

Lb Test Diameter Filler Spool 1 Lb. Spool Color
8 0.26mm / 0.0102in 300 yds 8,110 yds Mystic Green
10 0.29mm / 0.0114in 300 yds 6,760 yds Mystic Green
12 0.31mm / 0.0122in 300 yds 5,800 yds Mystic Green
16 037mm / 0.0146in 300 yds 4,050 yds Mystic Green
20 0.40mm / 0.0157in 300 yds 3,360 yds Mystic Green
30 0.52mm / 0.0205in ——— 2,020 yds Mystic Green