Diamond Outrigger Rigging Kits are available with either 50 or 100 yards of high quality UV resistant 400 pound test monofilament line in your choice of five colors, enough to rig any length pair of outriggers. All kits come complete with a box of the proper size sleeves and are packaged in a re-usable lure bag. This high quality line holds up to the tough standards that have made Momoi line the choice of the world’s finest fishermen and women.

Available colors:   Dark Blue, Bright Red, Hi-Vis Yellow, Black and New Brite White

Line Test Diameter 50yd Coil 100yd Coil Color
400 2.00mm X X Dark Blue
400 2.00mm X X Bright Red
400 2.00mm X X Hi-Vis Yellow
400 2.00mm X X Black
400 2.00mm X X Brite White