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  • Buyer Beware: A Word Of Caution When Picking The Perfect Braid (12/17/2014) - Line diameter is crucial in the selection of traditional fishing lines, and as technology spawns more choices in raw material and polymer extrusion processes continue to advance, specific line selection becomes even more
  • Deep Dropping in the Florida Keys (12/18/2013) - As we worked our prize to the surface color developed and we soon had a glimpse at a trophy snowy grouper. Mission accomplished! While the Florida Keys are famous for the crystal clear waters leading to the cobalt blue
  • Refishing Destination in Venice Louisiana (12/18/2013) - It is fascinating that inshore fishing across the Mississippi Delta could actually be this consistent. I’ve always been anxious to fish these waters for myself, so when the opportunity presented itself over the recent
  • Preventing Wind Knots (12/18/2013) - Long before you make a cast there are a few things you can do to prevent wind knots. First and foremost, it’s extremely important you select high quality braid. We spool with Diamond Braid exclusively and continue to
  • Compact Lever Drag Reels Prices (12/18/2013) - Aboard our SeaVee, we regularly fish Daiwa Saltist STTBG50H star drag reels loaded with fresh Momoi Diamond line. Matched to 7 foot Chaos rods, these are our go-to outfits for light duty trolling, kite fishing, snapper
  • What’s Keeping You Connected? (7/17/2013) - When you’re sights are set on powerful saltwater game fish and theonly thing keeping you hitched to a powerful pelagic traumatized tarpon is a thin strand of fishing line, you need strength, abrasion resistance,
  • Knot So Fast (7/17/2013) - Tips For Avoiding Wind Knots If you fish a spinning reel with thin diameter braided fishinline, you will eventually have to deal with a wind knot,although wind isn’t always to blame for this aggravating mishap.Often
  • Sticker Shock (7/17/2013) - When it comes to versatile conventional reels rated for 20 to 40 lb.line, there are literally dozens of models on the market from more than a few manufacturers. Just to be clear, we’re not talking about heavy duty
  • These Tournament Tips Might Land More Fish (6/5/2013) - These tournament tips might land more fish If you’ve ever wondered why some guys consistently do well in offshore fishing tournaments,Capt.Casey Hunt will let you in on some of his secrets Secret No. 1: Make sure all
  • Can You Trust Your Crimps? (6/5/2013) - If you use crimped connections in monofilament line or leader, you may be in for a shock. When I started using mono instead of wire for my trolling leaders almost 30 years ago, I tested some mono against wire to see

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