Diamond Rotary Ball Bearing Swivel with Tournament Snap

Diamond Fishing Products has teamed up a handmade, heavy duty 304 stainless steel coastlock snap with the worlds best welded…

Dredge Dawg Stainless-Steel Dredge Swivels

Don’t take a chance of loosing one of your $1000 high speed dredges. Just tie on a Diamond Dredge Dawg

Escape-Proof Ball Bearing Snap Swivel

Diamond’s Ball Bearing Escape-Proof Snap Swivels are constructed using a unique patented “ESCAPE PROOF” snap that offers quick one-handed disconnects plus unbelievable strength & performance.

Diamond Ball Bearing Swivels

Diamond Fishing Products Double Action Rotary Ball Bearing Swivels are the finest ball bearing swivels manufactured today. They have welded…

Diamond Wind-On Bullet Swivels

Diamond Fishing Products Heavy Duty Wind-On Swivels stop line twist and work well with any line to leader connection. These compact…