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Momoi Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon Leader

Momoi’s Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon Leader Line gives the angler the added advantage when pursuing those line shy game fish. Fluorocarbon Line has a refractive index very close to that of saltwater making it virtually invisible. It is also much denser and does not absorb water like monofilament, so it sinks much faster than monofilament lines. This line also exhibits very good abrasion resistance characteristics.

Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon Leader Size Chart

Test Diameter 25 yd. Spool 100 yd. Spool 100 yd. Coil 100 ft. Coils 200 Meters Color
12 0.33mm X Clear
20 0.41mm X X Clear
25 0.47mm X X Clear
30 0.52mm X X X Clear
40 0.62mm X X X Clear
50 0.66mm X X X Clear
60 0.74mm X X X Clear
80 0.86mm X X X Clear
90 1.05mm X X Clear
130 1.11mm X X Clear
150 1.28mm X X Clear
180 1.39mm X X Clear
200 1.57mm X X Clear
220 1.66mm X X Clear
280 1.81mm X X Clear
300 1.93mm X X Clear
330 2.03mm X X Clear
400 2.24mm X X Clear
440 2.34mm X X Clear

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