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Illusion Spectra® Select Super Line

Diamond Fishing Product’s new Illusion Spectra Select Super Line is produced from linear Spectra fiber, encapsulated with our special “state of the art” Diamond coating that gives it the strength and sensitivity of braided Spectra and the castability and diameter of the finest monofilament lines on the market today.

Diamond Illusion’s perfectly smooth finish, round diameter and lubricity allows this line to pass silently through rod guides with almost zero friction like no other line and it’s stiff enough to end those wonderful “wind knots” and tangles that you get with braid. It has a lot less stretch than mono for better hook sets but more stretch than braid so you don’t pull your hooks on that special fish.

This new line technology allows Spectra Select Super Line to cast more accurately and longer distances compared to monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided lines. So, whether you are using a casting or spinning reel you will find Diamond Illusion to be the quietest and easiest to manage line ever designed.

Illusion Super Line is twice as strong and abrasion resistant as any monofilament line of the same diameter.

Available in three colors:   Blue, Green and Hi-Vis Pink.
(Pink Super Line is Hi Vis above the water and disappears under the surface.)
Packaged in both 300yd filler spools and 3000yd bulk spools
• Tough as the strongest braid
• 90% smoother than braid (longer casts with no noise or vibration on retrieve)
• Near zero rod-guide friction (works equally well on both spinning and casting reels)
• Feels like mono
• Twice as sensitive as mono
• Ties stronger knots than mono or braid
• 30% Less cost than braid
• Proudly made in the U.S.A.


10lb 4lb 15lb 0.006in 0.16mm X X BL/GR/HVP
15lb 6lb 25lb 0.008in 0.21mm X X BL/GR/HVP
20lb 10lb 29lb 0.011in 0.27mm X X BL/GR/HVP

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