Diamond Fishing Products new High Speed Trolling Lures represent the ultimate combination of Precision Engineered Stainless Steel Heads rigged with High Quality Surgical Rubber Skirts to bring you the finest High Speed Wahoo Lures on the market today. All four designs can be trolled at speeds from 9 to 20 knots. To Maximize lure productivity, a Diamond Shock Leader and Trolling Weight are recommended for speeds exceeding 12 Knots.


The Zebra Candy’s unique torpedo shaped head helps get this lure to run as deep as possible minimizing any bubbles and making it extremely easy for gamefish to see at high speeds.


The Zebra Candy Jet’s torpedo shaped head and oversize jet holes allows water to flow through the head minimizing drag and leaving an easy to follow bubble trail, making it irresistible to Wahoo and any other gamefish species.


Wahoo and other large pelagic species can’t resist the unbelievable bubble trail that the Molokai Jet Head creates.


The Drunken Hoo’s uniquely angled head combined with special oversized holes allow this lure to swim as if it were alive with a bubble trail that encourages any predator to strike.