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Tips For Avoiding Wind Knots

If you fish a spinning reel with thin diameter braided fishinline, you will eventually have to deal with a wind knot,although wind isn’t always to blame for this aggravating mishap.Often impossible to untangle, wind knots are the direct result of slack line and have little relation to NOAA’s latest advisory.

Long before you make a cast there are a few things you can do to prevent wind knots. First and foremost, it’s extremely important you select high quality braid. We spool with Diamond Braid exclusively and continue to experience near flawless performance. The latest and greatest braided fishing lines are woven to incredible tolerances, with the latest developments also resulting in increased abrasion resistance and superior strength, greater casting distance and a rounder shape that’s consistent throughout the entire spool. All of these factors contribute to lines that help resist wind knots, but even the latest braiding technology and proprietary coatings won’t protect you completely.to jump off at once. Furthermore, spinning reels with wide arbors create larger loops as line exists the spool and can result in a greater occurrence of wind knots.

Yet another consideration is your rod,and manufacturers have recently developed specialized rod guides that are better suited for fishing with modern braided fishing lines. The first and second guides are the most influential,with Fuji K-Series guides some of the most favored. With an advanced stripper guide that’s designed to shed potential tangles before they occur, Fuji’s K-Series guides greatly reduce wind knots.

Now that you are properly outfitted it’s time to go fishing! After making a cast,most anglers turn the handle to initiate their retrieve and let the bail arm close automatically. With this act the first few turns of the handle won’t have much tension and as a result the line will loosely pack on the spool. As you retrieve your lure you will continue to pack line over the loose loops. If your next cast reachesthe loose loops on the spool they will exit the spool unevenly and this is the act that greatly contributes to wind knots. While this can happen during glassy conditions with barely a breeze, when it is really windy slack line is greater so you must make sure the line isn’t

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